Tips on Choosing Outdoor Wedding Venues

Weddings are multi-decision events, and decisions are usually divided into two categories: the ceremony and reception. Aside from the food, usually taken care of by catering services, choosing the best venue can consume most of the couple’s precious time. Furthermore, there are a lot of venues in the country to choose from. But people cannot just choose any wedding venue without considering these factors.


Apparently, wedding venues need to have roomy fits. Reception sites need to be large enough to accommodate all the guests. At first glance, venues may be huge, but essentials like tables, chairs, band setup, buffet setup, and a dance floor consumes a lot of space.

Guests will need a lot of elbow space to take this into consideration. Sometimes, estimates are pretty unreliable. One contingency is to take a closer look at the area when it is all set up for other weddings. People just need to make sure that the number of guests is similar to theirs so they can have almost accurate estimates.

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Dancing, talking, drinking, and, most importantly, eating are the primary activities at wedding receptions. There need to be logical areas for the activities mentioned above. When conducting location inspections, people should stand in one corner and try to imagine where they think these major activities would happen.

If the place can’t be separated into multiple sections accordingly, it will most probably feel pretty crowded on the big day. Individuals should look at the shape of the area. If there are blockages or odd contours, the individuals in the back may not see what’s happening at the stage. These factors can jeopardize the actual flow of the program.


A lot of the to-be-weds put significance on privacy. Surely, both parties would appreciate a private and intimate reception by keeping crashers at bay. Unless they are okay with the idea of other individuals looking at their solemn activity (this is true for public receptions), they might as well choose a reception that allows customers to buy out the area (guest-only basis).

They need to ask about the security situation. As much as possible, the area should accommodate one-affair-per-day only. Customers should ask if it is possible to schedule these affairs as a solo event that day. If not, individuals can always visit the area when there are events and see how activities would affect other events in other halls. Furthermore, customers should also ask whether the rooms or halls are noise-proof or not. It is one way of keeping the event free from uninvited guests and outside disturbances.

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Weddings in the United States usually have color motifs. Ceiling and wall colors, even the d├ęcors of the reception area, must not clash or conflict with the motif; otherwise, it will ruin the great impact color coordination can bring to the event. Locations should not be in the exact colors of the motif, but prominent hues at venues must complement the motif.

Contrasting colors may be a mess to look at. If possible, people should request owners to use a certain color of wall curtains on the wedding day. For breakfast or lunch wedding day, pastel and light colors are perfect. For classic events, receptions in neutral or darker hues are perfect.


Lights break or make the overall atmosphere of the event. For day weddings, individuals should make sure that their chosen place has tons of windows. They need to ensure that the location is not too dark or dim for night events. Individuals should ensure that lighting at entryways, as well as dining areas, can be controlled.

For a night outdoor wedding, customers need to determine whether setting up small candles is possible. Again, they need to get to the location and perform inspections at the same time when it is their turn to use it. They will get to see how the light streams through the doors and windows to the structure’s floor.

Candlelight locations are pretty romantic, but they may not be enough during the night times. Certainly, people can always ask the owners about the lighting fixtures they can use on their day and whether they are included in the rental fee.


Most locations today have enough parking with security cameras and uniformed personnel. Nevertheless, if there are no evident parking spaces, ensure that there’s an empty space or street where guests can safely park legally. Alternatively, individuals can organize activities so guests can get to the party without worrying too much about parking like bus or shuttle vans. Carpooling is also a good option.