Only Buy from the Best

I’ve gone through a few mobility scooter batteries in the past month, and only the one that I ordered from actually worked. The other batteries seemed fine at first, but they stopped working after a couple of days. I guess it’s partially my fault, since I ordered cheap batteries for the sole purpose of saving a few bucks. You really do get what you pay for with some products, as the batteries were so worthless. One of the batteries even started to get unusually hot while I was using the scooter. I should have taken this as a sign that the battery would die out very soon.

The malfunctioning batteries that I purchased were ordered from a seller who was selling batteries on an online shopping site. I was slightly cautious because it wasn’t a well known battery vendor, but I figured that it would be fine, and if anything did go wrong, it wouldn’t be too bad and I could always get my money back. I was wrong, as the issues with the batteries happened, and I wasn’t even able to return the batteries or get my money back. The seller told me that he wouldn’t refund for damaged batteries, and I complained to the shopping site, but they wouldn’t help.

From now on, if I ever need to get another battery for my mobility scooter, I’m just going to go to SLK and avoid the other third party sellers. Going with any of those other sellers is basically a gamble that I’m likely to lose. It’s a good thing that I only experienced a hot battery, as I’ve heard stories about exploding batteries in devices like phones and electronic cigarettes. I suppose it would be hard to make a battery as big as the one for a mobility scooter explode, but I’d rather not take any chances.