New Car Vs Old Car: Which is greener?

When you say something is greener, it means that it is better than other options placed by its side. Now, speaking about cars, and which is greener, between old cars and new ones, some persons might think that getting a new car is the best option, others will go with their thoughts of old cars being the best.

And this is because of the sole factor that it is old. A school of thought believes that an old broom will sweep the house better than a new broom will. Now, is it possible that this idiomatic expression will apply to cars? Well, surely, that’s a no because it will be quite unreasonable to think that an old car can do better than a new car will.

Some persons will pick their old car over a new car because they believe that the fuel consumption of the old car will be minimal when compared to the new car. Others will pick the new cars because they think their car parts will be easy to get in the market.

Speaking about car parts, you might want to check out BritainReviews and also car parts UK companies reviews. Although, there are various reasons people would choose either side of the coin when the option of cars is placed in front of them.

So, in answering the question: “New car vs old car: which is greener?” We will be discussing the various reasons people will pick an old car or a new car.

These are the various reasons new cars are greener for some persons:

·       Pollution

Old cars cause more pollutions than new cars and this is because of the way they are built. This doesn’t mean that they were built to cause pollution, rather, the new cars are built with more advanced technology that minimizes their pollution.

·       Durability

If you have plans of keeping your car for a long time, then getting a new car is the way to go. New cars are durable and can function under any atmosphere, unlike old cars that have cold mornings.

·       Fuel consumption

Over the years, the fuel consumption of cars has improved with the cars. When cars are improved generally during their production, their fuel consumption ability is also improved. This means that new cars will consume less fuel than old cars will.

These are the various reasons old cars are greener for some persons:

·       Cost

Some persons would rather go with old cars because of the cost of new cars. Getting a new car is more expensive than old cars. Many persons will see old cars as greener because they can’t handle the financial burden of getting a new car.

·       Maintenance

The cost of maintaining old cars is quite low compared to the maintenance of new cars.

·       Simplicity

Old cars are simpler than new cars when it comes to riding them. For certain persons, asking them to ride new cars is like asking them to solve complex mathematics. They would probably need a little orientation to understand the car. This is because, in their production, a lot was changed to get a better interface.

When it comes to cars, it is difficult to state categorically which is greener. However, depending on your preference, the old or new is greener.