How To Get Your Dream Job Overseas: 3 Top Destinations For Expats

Have you grown tired of your job? Or are you looking for a new working environment? There are many reasons to leave your old job and home behind in search of a new destination, but picking where to go can be quite an overwhelming decision. There are many different conflicting factors which come into play, such as salary considerations, job opportunities, childcare and quality of life, but there are some countries which offer great benefits for expats.

As well as choosing a new country to call home, there are also some things you need to consider before you start searching for your dream job. Here are 3 of the best destinations for expats, as well as some useful tips to get you started.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has grown to become quite independent from the mainland of China and looks after its own set of laws and currency. Many expats who move here tend to have a fair amount of disposable income and often have high salaries, so there is a thriving scene for expats who want to experience something new. Hong Kong, however, is one of the most populated and expensive cities in the world, so expats may need to go with an open mind. There is likely to be less living space than they had at home and the working expectation in Hong Kong is traditional, with employees expected to work hard.

With the need to work hard and impress, it may well be worth expanding your network before your move. Thanks to business-orientated social network sites, such as LinkedIn, it’s easier to get in touch with people in similar roles or even companies who are hiring. You can also contact expat groups for the area you are considering – these thriving communities are extremely welcoming and it’s a great way to meet people before your move.


Spain has spent most of the past decade flitting in and out of a financial crisis, so it is unsurprising that the country now ranks quite low when it comes to economics. On average, expats who move to Spain earn around £45,000 less than other expats. So, if building your wealth isn’t first on your agenda, then this is a great place to move to. Spain currently ranks second in the world for living experience, first for quality of life and fourth for family life, plus the good weather has many benefits!

Before moving, it is vital that you sort out your banking situation. There are some restrictions in place which don’t make it easy to transfer money to and from accounts, so you are best visiting your bank before you do anything else in preparation for your move. You should also research the best bank account to have in your new country and get this arranged well in advance.


Australia is the first choice for many expats, and for good reason too. With a high quality of life, many find themselves settling there for the rest of their lives. Australia consistently scores highly on living experience and quality of life. Many sectors and industries are around 5 years behind other countries when it comes to skills and experience, including the UK and US, so if you come from a role which is in short supply in Australia, you may find it easier to find a job. Expats often note feeling healthier and happier, with almost 75{5be3b6bb4f14701876a5694415d64623961fb2d7646bf5d6c32e19395d44a679} noting that they are more active and eat healthier in Australia and the great weather is also a huge factor.

Australia has quite strict visa and travel requirements in place, which makes it one of the safest countries in the world. There are some restrictions when it comes to foreign workers, so you must ensure you have all the information you need early on in the moving process. Getting in touch with an immigration lawyers should be your first contact, but you will also need references, police checks and cash evidence to further your application. If you are emigrating with family, then they must also have the right spouse visa requirements in place.