Effective Ways to Relieve a Cough

Coughing, light or heavy, still interferes with activity and at rest. Moreover, coughing attacks when we are in class or in the office when we are at a school exam or meeting in the office. Even when it is relaxing it is annoying if a cough suddenly attacks. You can go to the doctor for proper cough treatment, or buy cough medicines according to your complaint at the pharmacy directly or at Canadian Pharmacy Online if you have difficulty traveling.

Causes of a cough

Coughing is the body’s reaction to removing foreign objects in the respiratory tract, nose, and maybe ears. These foreign objects can be mucus, food, dust, smoke, and so on. In this case, coughing is the body’s defense mechanism. This cough is caused by allergies, choking on eating or drinking, and breathing in the surrounding smoke.

Coughing also indicates symptoms of an illness. Maybe someone who coughs due to flu, upper respiratory tract infection, asthma, or tuberculosis. So, never underestimate coughing. Coughing can mean a natural event and a serious event. First, identify the cause and background. You can visit “Canadian Pharmacy” to find relevant information.

Cough type

There is a dry cough and there is a cough with phlegm. A dry cough occurs because the upper respiratory tract becomes inflamed. This type of a cough is an itchy feeling in the throat. While coughing up phlegm is caused by the presence of mucus in the respiratory tract. Coughing up phlegm will feel lighter if mucus comes out with coughing.

Based on its duration, cough is distinguished into an acute cough and chronic cough. An acute cough is a cough that attacks continuously for approximately two weeks. After that, the cough subsides and heals. However, if a cough only subsides for a moment then relapses again, subsides again, relapses again in three months, then the cough falls into the category of a chronic cough.

An acute cough is usually caused by flu and runny nose. While a chronic cough is generally caused by asthma, tuberculosis, and pertussis or a cough for more than 3 months. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and increased stomach acid also cause a chronic cough.

Actually, an acute cough will subside on its own about two weeks without healing. Cough medicine, modern and natural, only relieves and reduces the intensity of coughing. Without any cough medicine, coughing will still subside for about two weeks. But, after all, cough medicine still helps, because of course, we don’t want to be bothered by coughing for several weeks. Here are some effective tips to deal with an acute cough.

Warm your body

Germs feel uncomfortable when our bodies are always warm and fresh. Therefore, wear a jacket to keep your body warm. Wash with warm water, eat and drink warm. You can also smear the chest, neck, nose with eucalyptus oil to keep it warm.

Don’t Sleep with the Air Too cold

Coughing is more intense at night. We could not sleep all night. Especially if we sleep in the room using air conditioning with a low temperature or allow cold air to enter and hold in the room. The wind blowing in our direction in a closed room will trigger a cough attack. Therefore, it is better to turn off the air conditioner and do not leave the windows and doors wide open, enough with normal air circulation when sleeping. It is better to sleep sweating than constantly coughing.

Reduce Oily and Sweet Foods

Oily and sweet foods also aggravate cough attacks. Oily foods stimulate mucus secretion in the throat. Mucus in the throat is a medium for developing germs so that cough attacks become more intense.

While sweet foods are very favored by germs. Germs will multiply faster on media containing sugar. Not sweetness that causes coughing, but in sweet foods there are germs. So, if we are stricken with coughing and eating sweet foods, the cough attack will be increasingly blind.

Eating Honey, Lime, and Ginger

Honey is also sweet, but the sweetness of honey is not liked by germs. Germs cannot breed in honey because the water content is relatively small. Honey actually effectively relieves coughing. Dextromethorphan contained in honey is very effective in relieving cough.

To relieve coughing, honey can be drunk directly. Good also made warm drinks concocted with lime and ginger. The content of lime is expectorant which effectively expels phlegm. Meanwhile, ginger contains shogaol that are effective against viruses that cause flu and cough.

If with the above methods coughing has not subsided for more than two weeks, you should consult a doctor. Chances are you have a chronic cough that is congenital of certain diseases.