DNA tests you can do without leaving home

Many things you can do from the comfort of your home, ranging from shopping online to finding out whether you are the father of a baby. Laboratories have created products such as the paternity test while pregnant that you can buy on the website and have delivered to your home. You will receive a kit with everything you need to take the samples and send them to the lab. There are several types of tests that you can access. If you are pregnant and cannot wait until the ultrasound to find out if you are having a boy or a girl, you can take a home gender test. Are you having trouble losing weight? Some laboratories offer a test in which the results include exercise routines and foods that best suit your body, to help you lose weight once and for all.

No legal validity

Are you worried that the results of a test will generate legal duties for you? This is very common with paternity tests. It is important to note that when DNA samples are taken at home, the laboratory is not responsible for the reliability of the results. It does not mean that the laboratory will not do its job well, but that the laboratory places all the responsibility on the side of the persons requesting the test. For example, if a man performs a paternity test, but supplies the DNA of another man, the laboratory will send a negative result since there is no connection between the possible dad and the baby. For this reason, DNA tests whose samples were extracted at home are not legally valid. For a test to be legally valid, the samples must be taken at the laboratory or by an allowed third party, such as a doctor or nurse.

Read the instructions

When you receive the kit to extract the DNA samples, you also get instructions on how to do it. A common mistake is to open sealed packages without first reading the instructions. It is essential that, besides reading the instructions, you understand them. Once you take the samples and send them to the laboratory, they cannot reuse the kit. If the laboratory detects that you have taken the samples incorrectly or that they are contaminated, buy another kit. The process is simple. In most cases, it only requires you to rub swabs on the inside of your cheeks to get saliva. The problem is that some people do this after smoking, drinking alcohol, or some other substance, altering the characteristics of the saliva sample.