Characteristics of a good motorcycle trader

To stand out and get a steady stream of sales, there are several things to consider when selling motorcycles. It’s not just about selling motorcycles and that’s it. To become an excellent motorcycle trader you need to go beyond what your customers expect from you. You can only be successful if you are able to offer others much more than they expected. If you offer solutions to problems, your sales will not stop. However, the road to becoming an outstanding motorcycle trader is full of challenges to overcome. The first and most important is to have the support of a solid motorcycle supplier. You need to get rid of all the paperwork surrounding the importation of motorcycles. A good supplier can make this possible.

What to offer your customers to stand out from the competition?

The most obvious answer would be: Excellent quality motorcycles at a competitive price. However, customers today are always on the lookout for an extra. Every good motorcycle trader knows that the sale of a motorcycle does not begin and end with the sale itself. In order for a customer to decide to buy a motorcycle, you first have to earn their trust. You must stand out from the competition as an authority figure. As a motorcycle trader you must be able to demonstrate that you offer security, good service and above all that you know about motorcycles. Social media is an excellent tool to offer your customers quality content. Something that many overlook is the after-sales service. You always have to offer it to your customers and make clear the conditions to avoid problems.

How to expand beyond the limits of a motorcycle trader?

To keep your business fresh you should always go out of your comfort zone. If you only sell motorcycles and spare parts, you won’t get very far. There are many ways to get outside the boundaries of a motorcycle trader. However, you have to do it through a well-planned marketing strategy. A good idea to start with is to offer your own line of special clothing for motorcyclists. With this method you get new ways to generate income and create sources of free advertising. As a motorcycle trader you can make alliances with garages in your city to create special maintenance plans. That is, for the purchase of the motorcycle, your customer receives an annual maintenance of their motorcycle at a lower price. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be creative and try.